Social Structures is comprised of 4 musicians with high levels of education training and experience, from elementary to university. We offer educational workshops with specific accommodations made for children ages 8-18, introducing concepts revolving around musical instruments, being creative with sound outside the bounds of traditional western music, and novel forms of creative musical communication, supporting open and carefree social development in students and teachers. Moreover, we create a safe space to allow students to lead and be led by one another, to be silly and explore sound in a guided environment all while being introduced to the wonders of contemporary creative music and improvisation.

Teaching the skill of improvisatory problem solving is an essential concept for young minds- the world is seldom tailor-made for each individual, and learning to work collaboratively without losing ones self identity is an often overlooked yet important tool for navigating life in the 21st century. Social Structures aims to use improvised music education to promote creative problem solving and collaboration skills in the youth of Germany and the USA. Please email us via our contact page to arrange a mind-opening workshop for your school or community.